October 2010 Update

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently playing “The Lion King” at the Oriental Theater here in Chicago (taking a leave of absence from “Billy Elliot” until 11/28/10). It’s really great getting to play it again, especially since Rick Snyder is conducting!

I’m going to be playing a benefit with members of the casts and orchestras from “The Lion King” and “Billy Elliot” at the Royal George Theater on Monday, October 25th.  It should be a fun night. I hope you can make it.

I am also going to be running for the Board of Directors of the Chicago Federation of Musicians.  The election is on Sunday, 11/14.  You can either show up and vote at the CFM hall (anytime from 12-6) or request an absentee ballot. You can request one by sending an E-Mail at P-B-Grant@MSN.com If you’re in the Chicago Local (10-208), I hope that you’ll consider voting for me. THANKS!!!

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